45-04 48th Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377 • Phone: (347) 935-1487 • E-Mail: silvanus34@gmail.com

Pastor: RC Silvanus
Bhandari and wife Aleno.
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Welcome To
Global Mission Church New York
Welcome To
Global Mission Church New York

•Personal Evangelism - every believer has a heart for sharing his/her faith to others

•Service Evangelism- every household of believer is a service center.

•Mass evangelism- proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by organizing different public events

•Regular outreach- in personal level, in pair, in small group, with mission teams by carrying out
different activities:
      •ESL class using the English Bible
      •Dinner party outreach
      •Park outreach
New York Nepalese Service Center

In order to create a bigger impact and a strong Nepali Christian presence in the community, we plan to establish a service center

The center will provide the following services on its own and with partnership with other Kingdom minded organization:
     •Immigration issue resolution/support and counseling
     •After school program
     •Citizenship classes & ESL Classes
     •Information & Counseling services

New Immigrant Services:
     •Cultural orientation and socialization for new immigrants
     •Job, Apartment search
     •Temporary housing (Transition)
     •Life transition/Training (Residential for New immigrants)

Bible Studies - One-on-one, Small Group
Discipleship Training- Reproducing
Leadership Training- Lay Leadership, Theological Studies

Kingdom Expansion:
Reaching out to other neighborhoods: at least 5 more Neighborhoods by 2021; at least 1 Nepali
speaking church in each neighborhood.