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One ethic group that has grown rapidly in Queens over the past ten years is the Nepalese people. A strong Nepali-speaking community is taking roots in New York City. There are an estimated 70,000 Nepalese in Metro New York with approximately 40,000 of them living in Queens. In Queens the districts of Jackson Heights, Woodside, Sunnyside, Elmhurst and Ridgewood have blossoming Nepalese communities.

These are all unreached people groups that now reside in New York City. In the light of such need, Redemption Hill Church, Medford, Massachusetts begun expanding its ministry to this great city in 2015.

"As the sending church sponsor for Global Mission Nepali Church, Redemption Hill Church (Medford, MA) is thrilled by the work of Silvanus and his team as they bring the message of Jesus to the global residents of one of the globe's greatest cities! We have seen the massive need for the gospel to expand throughout the entire Northeast. That is why the strategic need and opportunity compelled us to send Silvanus from Boston to NYC as our Nepalese Outreach Director. We cannot wait to see how God will use this mission to bring the hope and peace of Christ to thousands of people in Queens."

- Dr. Tanner Turley
Lead Pastor
Redemption Hill Church, Medford, MA 02155
Pastor: RC Silvanus
Bhandari and wife Aleno.
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ग्लोबल मिसन नेपाली चर्च न्यूयोर्क
Global Mission Church New York
ग्लोबल मिसन नेपाली चर्च न्यूयोर्क
Global Mission Church New York